Each brain is quite the same regarding its appearance, such as its size, weight and anatomy. However, in daily life we are confronted with huge differences between individuals regarding personality, cognitive functions (e.g. memory, information processing speed, and problem solving), and emotions. What can explain these astonishing differences between people?

This bronze sculpture, named Mini-me, is based on an MRI-scan of a brain and scaled at approximately 40% of its actual size. It's the ultimate business or medical gift, answering the abovementioned question. The sculpture comes in a luxurious, handmade, wooden box with a certificate of authenticity.

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Title Mini-me
Year since 2021
Serie open
Medium bronze sculpture | Belgian bluestone pedestal
Weight 750 gram
Dimensions 7 cm × 5 cm × 11 cm (l × w × h)
Price € 550,-